IT Developer Associate

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Candidates must know the following skills -

1. WordPress
2. WooCommerce
3. phpMyAdmin
4. Simple HTML, CSS, JavaScript

If candidates are equipped with the following skills, it is a plus

1. Azure
2. GIT
4. WordPress Plugins
5. Cloudflare
6. cPanel
7. AWS Linux Interface


  • Running through all Websites that are on maintenance and produce a monthly report for our clients.
  • Make necessary DNS changes on Cloudflare when requested.
  • Make backups to files and upload backups to file depository.
  • Clone and test the upgrades of WordPress and WooCommerce cores before upgrading on live Website.
  • Clone and test the upgrades of WordPress Plugins before upgrading on live Website.
  • Do regular security scanning on the systems using free software / plugins available.
  • Make simple adjustments on HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Research and test additional functionalities for clients when requested.
  • Edit ASP.NET C# website through GIT and Bitbucket

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